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£30 feeds an entire class in our school for 1 week.
£60 covers one teacher’s monthly salary.

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As a small charity we pride ourselves on ensuring that every penny makes a difference. We work closely with our communities to ensure we are providing the most effective support possible and focus on providing support that helps individuals to help themselves.


Self-sustainability without dependency

To advance the education of the pupils at Kankaboom Children’s School in Ghana by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at our school.

The prevention or relief of poverty in Ghana, West Africa by providing or assisting in the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.


Education as the key for a better future

To bring happiness to children’s futures through education and therefore increased opportunities. We are committed to creating a world in which all children are free to develop and flourish. We want to help shape a society in which all children have access to education and medical care. We are there to support families struggling with various challenges and give them the assistance they need to encourage self-sustainability.


Everyone deserves their chance

Everyone has a right to be treated with equal respect, to receive education and access to health care. Every family should have a chance to be self-sufficient. Every child has the right to a happy childhood with access to education, food and health care. They have the right to a fair chance in life and to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment. We also believe that every girl has the right to develop her potential to ensure full participation in the political, social and economic system in Ghana.

We advocate a strict policy to ensure the protection of children, families and our employees. You can find our code of conduct here.


Our main objectives are to continue to provide an education for as many children as we can. With this comes our daily expenses which are covered entirely by your generous donations. Your donations enable us to sustain our school by maintaining our feeding program, providing clean drinking water, and paying our teachers’ salaries.


Feed our students one warm nutritious meal a day – something they may not have if they are not at school. A start to reduce malnutrition in our communities and support our children’s healthy lifestyles. Giving the children enough energy to concentrate in school.

Lunch for one class for one week costs:



The risk of water borne disease from unsafe drinking water is incredibly high. One sachet (500ml) of pure safe drinking water costs 2p. Just 6p per day per child can reduce a child’s chance of getting typhoid. cholera and Hepatitis A & E – some of which can be fatal.

Purified drinking water for our entire school for one day costs:


Our teachers play a vital role in our school, providing not only an education to our children but a standard of care to our students. We are proud that as well as supporting children and families, our projects can provide local employment and in turn provide a steady income to allow to feed and support the own families. 

A teacher’s salary per month costs


Our Focus

Our main focus is to provide an education to children in rural communities in Ghana. However, our support does not stop here; we also help families to support themselves, provide emergency medical care, medical insurance for all of our students, a feeding program to feed each student every day, and access to clean drinking water.

family social support

The families in our community are aware that our support system encourages families to help themselves in the long run. One example of this is providing grants, loans, or resources to start businesses to support their families in the future. Where possible, we tey to support families by providing them with all the materials they need to start a business, not just funds. These microfinance projects are the first step toward a better future and enable them to support their own families.


Kankaboom Children’s School has the ability to provide an education to up to 80 students per year. Our students have a wide range of teaching and learning materials to support their curriculum and our teachers are employed not only based on their qualifications but their values and abilitiy to provide a high level of care to our students. With the school being in the community, the children no longer have to walk long distances to school and can concentrate on their education and the joy of being a child.

Here you can find more information.

Medical care

Families in rural communities in Ghana often do not even have enough money for the taxi to the hospital, let alone the money for treatment even though most illnesses, when caught early, are treated easily. We have supported many cases within various communities over the last nine years; from twins with malnutrition to grandparents with severe malaria. We will take community members to hospital and cover their costs as well as educating them on how to spot symptoms in the future early, and the importance of health care.

As well as helping families in emergency situations we organise clinics to be run through our school to test community members for illnesses such as HIV, Malaria or Diabetes for free and provide treatment if tested positive

medical insurance

Medical insurance in Ghana does not cover every treatment and medication but it does reduce the cost of most. The cost of medical insurance for a child is as little as £2 per year. We have enrolled all of our students in the Ghanaian medical insurance system so if they are ever to fall ill their families have a basic level of insurance to assist with their appointments and treatment.

FOOD program

A huge part of our school and our charity as a whole is our feeding program. Most of our students will not have access to a healthy and nutritious meal each day that will start to affect not only their health, but also their concentration within school. We have found that our feeding program has made a significant difference to our student’s overall well being as well as parents’ interaction with our school and their children’s education.

Clean drinking water

In rural communities often the access to clean drinking water is either very far away, or in fact not clean at all. The result of this is families using dirty water to drink, cook, and bathe in and leads to a whole range of health complications. There are so many water-borne diseases in dirty water that can be fatal when ingested, such as typhoid, cholera, and Hepatitis A & E. By simply providing sachets (500ml) of filtered water to our students we reduce their chances of contracting one of these diseases, all at a cost of as little as 2p per sachet.

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