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Our Team

In 2012 our Founder and Director Shadee Gerayesh traveled to Ghana to volunteer with children. The experience profoundly affected Shadee and led her to start The Happiness Project Ghana.

From a spark of an idea to a blooming team of eleven – This is the story of our Charity. 

An essential part of our work is to create a long-term impact that can empower people to live independently. As a charity, we feel that providing local employment is key to maintaining an international project and respecting the Ghanaian culture and customs. We have been able to grow slowly over the years and now have a team with the strongest, most inspiring, and most dedicated people. 

Meet the people who shape the organization. The faces that make the daily school life in Kankaboom become a reality. 



Shadee Gerayesh-Nejad

Founder/Director and Board Member

‘After travelling to Ghana at the age of 18 and seeing the lives people lead in rural villages and the challenges they faced, I felt I wanted to use my life to make a difference to others. I founded The Happiness Project Ghana and managed many small projects before building Kankaboom Children’s School.

I feel that if I can use my few short years on this planet to make a positive difference to so many other people’s lives who have not had the same fortune as I, well, that’s a life well lived.’


Hannah Meyer

Board Member and Head of German Donors

‘After my first trip to Ghana, I quickly realized how mainstream development aid projects often do not address the main problems. I want to use my knowledge and voice to tackle problems at their roots and make a long-term difference in cooperation with people. I strongly believe in the power of education and in empowering people to become independent.’


Phil Lloyd

Board Member

‘Meeting Shadee, our Founder, inspired me so much that I wanted to offer my support to this incredible charity. Having an opportunity in one’s later life to help the young, our future, makes me feel proud and that I have made a difference.’




Main Coordinator

‘I work as the Coordinator for The Happiness Project Ghana. 
Being a coordinator gives me the opportunity to work with the directors and staff to bring change through quality education for children and the community in general. As a coordinator, I have the tasks to guide, motivate and coordinate with other coordinators, teachers and other staff to bring smiles on the faces of the children.  
Achieving project goals through the overseeing of day to day activities of the school gives me great joy. 

Being part of a team that transforms the lives of children and communities defines my source of inspiration to be an agent of positive change in the lives of others



Assistant Coordinator

‘I am Sedrick and I serve as an Assistant Coordinator for The Happiness Project Ghana. 

As an assistant coordinator, I assist the project coordinator to plan and oversee the day to day activities of the school. I help in monitoring projects being done in the school while helping in monitoring and evaluation of teaching and cooking staff. 

I serve to be a beacon of change in the lives of students, teachers and communities. Helping to attain high educational and professional standards is my goal. Being part of a source of hope, joy and change has always been my motivation.’


wilkinson annan

Educational Coordinator

‘I am in charge of creating and developing educational plans for the school. I work hand in hand with the project coordinators for the Happiness Project Ghana and Directors to bring out the best from teachers, students and the school in general. 

I guide, coach, direct and train teachers to bring out their best in teaching and their individual abilities with students, other staff, parents and the communities we serve. 

Bringing out quality in education is my goal to change and improve lives of students and that of teachers.’



Esther arthur

Teacher – Kindergarten 1 & 2

‘I am Esther and I teach Kindergarten 1 and 2. 

Teaching at Kankaboom Children’s School of The Happiness Project Ghana is the best job. I enjoy every moment of my job. It has ups and downs but on the whole it’s fulfilling when you help youngsters to leave school with descent grades and know they have a future full of opportunities.’


Mavis andoh

Teacher – Basic 1

‘I am Mavis and I teach Basic 1. 

I love teaching at Kankaboom Children’s School of The Happiness Project Ghana. I have grown to adore teaching my students and they cocntinue to amaze me as they put much effort into learning. My students are different in every way but individually with my direction they are great and they make me a better person. Transforming my students with knowledge is a pride and goal for me.’


Juliet Antwi

Teacher – Basic 2

‘I am Juliet and I teach Basic 2. 

Being a guide, coach and source of inspiration to my students has been my greatest treasure. I take pride in helping my students to be the best they can be through individual skill development. It is an honor to play this role as a teacher at Kankaboom Children’s School.’


Johnson Okwan

Teacher – Basic 3

‘I am Johnson and I teach Basic 3. 

Kankaboom Children’s School has offered me the opportunity to transform young ones to be the best of themselves through skill and personal development. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and making differences in my students’s lives. I am committed to learn from my students and improve as a person and as a teacher.’

Auntie Ama

Aunty Ama


‘I am Ama and I am the cook for the school.

I work with the school coordinators in providing nutritional food for the students and teachers in the school. Working with coordinators and guidance brings out the best in my role as a cook for the school while providing a hygienic environment for cooking and eating.’

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