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Through the work as volunteers during our first visit to Ghana, we quickly realised that many development projects, while fixing problems in the short term, are not supportive in the long term or develop a dependency that is urgently to be avoided.

After coming into contact with the community of Kankaboom in 2016, we recognised that we could implement projects here over the years that would make a difference in the long term, not create dependency, and support families in their self-sufficiency.

Kankaboom is a small and very poor village, around one hour from Cape Coast, located in the south of Ghana. There is no clean running water and electricity is limited. About 220 people live in Kankaboom and most of them earn the smallest salary by farming fruits and vegetables to sell. When we first visited Kankaboom, we saw many children helping their mothers fetch water or play games instead of going to school. 

Access to education is denied especially to young females because the way to school is simply too long and dangerous. 

So together with the community, we planned the construction of a school and in June 2017 we finished the construction of the Kankaboom Children’s School. We started with just 2 classrooms with space for up to 40 children. Nursery and kindergarten classes, 2 teachers, a cook and many donated teaching and learning materials. Over the years we have slowly perfected the school more and more as we receive more funding. We built a small bamboo canteen so that the children are provided with a healthy and nutritious meal every day and gave the teachers the opportunity to participate in teaching programs in order to broaden their horizons and thus those of the children. 

With the help of long-term donor support, we were able to expand the two classrooms and added two more in January 2020. With these two additional classrooms we have space for 80 children and four teachers in total. This way, children from the surrounding neighborhoods can also join our school – something they are very keen to do!

Education is the key to sustainable development. Only through long-term education can the children obtain the chance of a brighter future with better prospects. Kankaboom Children’s School gives many families the opportunity of a better, stable, sustainable and healthy life!

Your Support Means a Lot

Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. 

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