The Happiness Project Ghana

About us

The Happiness Project Ghana started as a one-woman-show with many dreams and ambitions and has now grown into an organization with 3 board members, two in-country coordinators, and many supporters.

We are a non-profit organisation that supports rural youth and families in Ghana, West Africa. Our work is varied and supports our beneficiaries through a whole range of different projects and factors.

Our main project is the Kankaboom Children’s School, as we feel education is the key to sustainable development and a positive future for the younger generation. 

As well as our school, we also assist families with microfinance projects that help them take the first step toward a better future and enable them to support their families. We are incredibly conscious of providing support which will help families to help themselves.

Our healthcare projects feature information about the importance of clean water, medical assistance for malaria, HIV, diabetes, contraceptives, and other basic medical problems that can quickly become fatal if left untreated. In medical emergencies, we are on hand to take children to the clinic or hospital, and provide medication so that no child is left untreated due to a lack of funds. We work closely with local clinics and nurses to provide outreach programs and to each our community. We also educate them on how to recognize symptoms early in the future and the importance of preventive health care.
We have supported many cases in various communities over the past nine years, from malnourished children, to community members with severe malaria. Within our local communities we have become known and we are often contacted with links to cases who may be in need of our help.

We ensure that all of our students are enrolled in the Ghanaian health insurance system. Health insurance in Ghana does not cover all treatments and medications, but it does reduce the cost for most. This basic insurance is absolutely necessary so that if someone becomes ill, care is provided. We will then cover the cost of any additional medication required.
To promote the health of the pupils, we have implemented the Feeding Program. This ensures that each child receives a healthy and nutritious meal once a day at lunchtime. We have taken care to devise a weekly menu which is balanced and nutritious and we take great pride in seeing our students enjoy their lunch each day!
Our focus is also on providing rural communities with access to clean drinking water. In this regard, we are taking a preventive approach to diseases which can be fatal if left untreated.

So it is difficult to define what exactly our missions are.

We stand as an open listener, we listen to people and try to find a solution to the existing problems together and solve the problems in an inclusive, responsible and self sufficient way.
Life in Ghana can be unpredictable but we try, where possible, to be available for all occurrences and to support the children and families in our communities as best as we can.

Your Support Means a Lot

Each donations matter, even the smallest ones. 

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